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  Semi Auto Edger

  Code: Inter-1
    • Specially designed v-bevel attachment ensures excellent v-groove for higher curvature lens

    • Highly effective pressure setter

    • Unique and versatile guided bevel attachment

    • Fills the gap between hand(manual) edger and auto edger

    • CR polishing also possible

    • We know the importance of stylus in any edger. Keeping that in mind stylus of Inter-1 has been made accurately with the same curvature as that of its edging wheels

  • Tools (suction caps, screw driver, dressing stick R&F, clamper rubber, pattern, scissor, finishing file, allen key set, double gum tape, spanner, cleaning brush, guided bevel attachment, buff drill attachment set

    Pump, water inlet pipe, pump plate, outlet hose pipe, coolant pump

  • • Power Consumption : 220V, 600W(Machine); 220V, 15W (Pump)
    • Workable Diameter : ф 20mm(flat) / ф 23mm(bevel) to ф 75mm
    • Size adjustment : ± 5.0mm
    • Wheel Size : ф 99m * 15mm (Rough)
    Ф 100mm * 12mm (Flat)
    Ф 103mm * 12mm (V Bevel)
    • Weight : 25kg (Edger Unit) and 28kg with packing
    • 10kg (Mounting Table) and 23kg with packing (accessories)

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