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Optilab is a branch of a tree which was planted in 1954 by Sr. Mr. N. M. Desai in the form of a retail optical business. Under his able guidance and taking the advantage of his wide experience and goodwill in the Indian Optical Industry, Optilab – a manufacturing unit was started in 1979 by Mr. Shashank Desai (Mech. Engg.).


Since its establishment Optilab has been engaged in the progress of domestic opticians through manufacturing and selling various ophthalmic and optometric equipments. Optilab concentrates its activities on developing a wider range of products and skills to satisfy demands from the opticians.

 Optilab was incepted as a pioneer manufacturer of the glass processing diamond wheels/ tools and a series of optical trade related equipments. The company's first product was Diamond wheel hand edger to replace the conventional ceramic abrasive wheel used for grinding glass. Different model were made considering different needs. Further products were developed which would cater the requirements of the optical market. In a strategic move Optilab integrated backwards by developing metal bonded diamond wheels for its own use. This also included tools for other optical glass applications like generator tools, lapping tools, etc. Optilab has succeeded in manufacturing metal bonded tool for glass and ceramic application. Not only that, the firm also developed wheels for resin lens i.e CR and polycarbonate.

     The manufacturing unit is based at Anand a very well noted place on the map of India for it’s strategic location and significant industrial developments. Optilab range of quality products, have earned a high reputation not only in India but in all the neighboring and the developing countries. The market share of more than 30% is certainly a undisputable credit in the crown of Optilab.

     After Grand Seiko Co Japan discontinued one of the most successful model GSA 1, with their help Optilab manufactured OLA-2 and OL-1(hand edger). Also to fill the gap between hand edgers and auto edgers Optilab developed Inter-1, India's most successful semi auto edger.

     Research team at Optilab is busy developing India first totally indigenous auto edger. Optilab, the trusted expert in the market for equipment for opticians, has developed several product families specifically designed to meet specialist's needs, with particular emphasis on service and quality control.

  • Metal Bonded Diamond tools :
  • This include edging wheels for various Hand Edgers and Auto Edgers, Curve Generators, Pallets, Cutting blades and Sizing wheels for the ceramic industry.

  • Optical/Ophthalmic Machines & Instruments :
  • This includes Hand Edgers (14 models), Manual Lensmeter, Trial Set Trial Frames, Distance & Near Vision Drum, Slit lamp, Keratometer, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Lens Toughening unit, Tinting machine and tint concentrate, Stress viewer, Frame heater, Photo lens tester, Frame soldering and repairing unit, Optical pliers and tools.

    We pursue for a continuous improvement in our products and services to satisfy the customer. furthermore, we have established procedures to check quality at critical steps thus ensuring we follow internationally accepted standards and benchmarks.

    Optilab will observe the relevant guidelines and regulations in accordance with Optilab's management philosophy to contribute to the human society, devote itself to "Customer Orientation" and "Quality First" and provide with safe and high quality products and services that satisfy customers.

    Optilab will make best efforts to ensure that the products and services have the usefulness and safety that they should provide ordinarily and are provided to customers without defect in accordance with the laws and regulations and contracts. 

    » Our goal is to assist opticians by providing products with innovative features and unique product solutions for their workshops.
    » Our products with innovative features help in everyday life and promote social well-being.
    » Our R&D team ensures that the products deliver long term satisfaction to the customer.

    • To supply high quality reasonably priced products satisfying the customers requirements.
    • Aim at developing long lasting relationship with opticians and help them satisfying the end customer.
    • Promote staff development, encouraging the growth of the individual and ensuring mutual growth of the firm as well as its staff.
    • Organize individual abilities giving rise to a strong forceful corporation.
    • Conduct oneself as a spirited member of the company with the corporate ideology always in mind.

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